Intra-Access was founded to rejuvenate country sites by applying the concepts and technologies of Smart Cities. The transformation requires the creation of new business models based on an eco-system of communities, investors, business partners, solution companies, and systems integrators.

We apply the latest technologies for the infrastructure transformation including telecommunication, energy management, water management, waste, and waste-water management to build the Smart Infrastructure for the Communities.
Our infrastructure design is integrating the latest technologies from Smart Grids, IOT (internet of things), digital payment systems and AI (artificial intelligence). All functional building blocks of the Smart Infrastructure will be deployed with sensors and actuators. All the data of the Smart City will be captured in the ICT (information andcommunications technology) core infrastructure of the Smart Village. All business transaction and payments will be processed through the digital payment systems. This is the transformation process from a conventional infrastructure to digital infrastructure.

Collecting all the data into a Data Lake over time and applying meaningful AI algorithm will transform the digital infrastructure into a Smart Infrastructure.